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Your fundraising partner for growth and sustainability – from an extensive funds database to tailored funding research and funding strategy.

Funding research and funding strategy

Are you tired of spending several hours searching for funding opportunities for your entity?​

Is your organisation struggling with low funder response rates and uncertain which funding prospects to pursue? Does your organisation apply for grants and funding but never win?

Does finding funding for your organisation seem like an impossible, never-ending task? Time is money when it comes to fundraising. The time you spend researching funding opportunities could be used to engage with donors and partners and to achieve your mission.

Let us help you save time by screening, verifying, filtering and developing a personalised hand-curated funding strategy.

A funding strategy lets you know the funding landscape and provides a roadmap of what opportunities to pursue in the next 12-24 months.

Let GEM Business Consult develop a hand-curated funding strategy for your specific funding needs to save you valuable time and help you acquire the funding needed for your projects.

To get started, we want to meet you to understand your organisation, mission, vision, projects and funding needs. We then do the research and come up with a personalised funding strategy.


Are you searching for funding opportunities like grants, impact investors and donors to fund your projects?

If you are, our Funding Database GemFundsDatabase will help you to:

  • Save time
  • Research and find funders, donor profiles and grants
  • Navigate the complex funding landscape by quickly searching and filtering for what you need
  • Quickly learn about the eligibility criteria, deadlines, amounts funded and requirements for application and compare various funding options

Use GemFundsDatabase to easily search hundreds of grants, donors and impact investors funding projects in Africa, helping you achieve your mission!

Fundraising consultancy

Are you in need of a fundraising consultant and grant writer who will guide you to make the right moves with the right funders so that you can grow your grant revenues over time?

GEM Business Consult can partner with you over 6-12 months to support you in growing your revenue. We will help you to:

  • Review your current grant funders and research new funding possibilities to develop a funding roadmap of the funders that merit your focus and attention.
  • Strategise with you to gain positive funders’ responses by preparing compelling grant proposals and submit on your organisation’s behalf.
  • Engage with you in regular grant/funding Strategy Sessions to review progress, discuss upcoming priorities, and advise you on moves to make with grant funders.

This plan is best suitable for an organisation if you:

  • Are an established organisation that has been in operation for at least three years.
  • Have an annual operating budget of at least € 250,000, evidence of a financial audit and prior experience with fundraising.
  • Have a staff member, for example, the executive director or program officer, who can devote time and focus to building and nurturing funder relationships with our support.

Grant writing

Do you need help with grant writing? Have you written the application and need a second pair of eyes to review or edit it? Are you using a lot of time to write and edit applications?

Grant writing can be intimidating, time-consuming, and requires meticulous attention to detail. However, we have mastered the very defined writing style necessary for crafting proposals and the delicate integration of statistics in a powerful story. As a result, we can ensure a final proposal that appropriately, clearly, and concisely answers each question in the application.

We can help you with all aspects of proposal preparation, grant writing and editing. In addition, we help manage the entire process for you so you can submit your application before the deadline.

Business Plan

Excellent Business Plans attract investors. A business plan is a document which describes details about your company. It states the goals of your business and a roadmap on how to achieve them. A great business plan helps create a strategy for growth, determine future financial needs, and attract investors and funding.

We help develop a successful business plan, develop a business model and a commercialisation plan. We analyse the market, customers, value proposition and your unique selling points. The result is a great business plan ready for you to present to funding agencies and investors.

Are you a social enterprise/SME looking for investors to fund your entity? Do you need help with developing your business plan? Book a consultation call below to get started.

One hour strategy session

Do you ask yourself, “where do I start? What is the best action plan to raise funds successfully?”

Schedule a strategy session to help you define a strategy to raise funds for your organisation and create an action plan based on our discussion.

We could, for example, look at any of the following:

  • Exploring the funding landscape
  • Guidance on the world of grants
  • Help to strategise on pursuing grants and other funding opportunities
  • Outreach strategies
  • Review your program priorities and funding needs


Your Deliverables:

  • A transcript of the meeting
  • Personalised Action Plan
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