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5 International Organizations Offering Grants to African Non-Profits

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Africa is a continent with tremendous potential and a bright future. However, many challenges still persist, such as poverty, lack of access to quality education, healthcare, and clean water.

To tackle these issues, numerous non-profit organizations work tirelessly to create sustainable change and uplift communities.

One of the key challenges faced by these organizations is securing funding. In this article, we will explore 5 international organizations offering grants to African non-profits, providing essential resources for social impact leaders across the continent.

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Michael & Susan Dell Foundation

The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation is a private philanthropic organization that focuses on improving the lives of children living in urban poverty. With a strong commitment to transforming education, healthcare, and family economic stability, the foundation provides grants to African non-profits working on these issues. By investing in evidence-based, scalable solutions, the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation empowers social impact leaders in Africa to create lasting change in their communities. For more information, visit their website at

The Peter Cundill Foundation

The Peter Cundill Foundation is dedicated to improving the well-being of children and young people worldwide. With a strong emphasis on mental health, education, and research, the foundation supports innovative projects and organizations in Africa. By providing grants to African non-profits, the Peter Cundill Foundation helps social impact leaders create safe and nurturing environments for children to thrive. Learn more about their grant opportunities at

Global Fund for Community Foundations

The Global Fund for Community Foundations (GFCF) is a grant-making organization that seeks to strengthen community philanthropy worldwide. With a focus on Africa, GFCF supports grassroots initiatives that build local assets, capacities, and trust. By providing grants to African non-profits, the Global Fund for Community Foundations empowers social impact leaders to create vibrant, inclusive communities. To explore their grant opportunities, visit

The Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation

The Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation is a global venture philanthropy firm that supports early-stage, high-impact social enterprises. By providing three years of unrestricted funding and tailored support to African non-profits, the foundation helps social impact leaders scale their innovative solutions. Committed to addressing some of the world’s most pressing problems, the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation is an invaluable resource for non-profits in Africa. Discover their grant opportunities at

The Fondation SUEZ

The Fondation SUEZ is committed to improving access to essential services such as water, sanitation, and waste management in developing countries. By providing grants to African non-profits, the foundation supports social impact leaders working on projects that promote access to these vital resources. With a focus on innovation and long-term sustainability, the Fondation SUEZ helps African communities build resilience and improve their quality of life. Learn more about their grant opportunities at


African non-profits play a crucial role in addressing the pressing challenges faced by communities across the continent. With the support of international organizations like the ones mentioned above, social impact leaders can access essential resources to create lasting change.

In addition to these 5 international organizations, GEM Business Consult offers invaluable support to African non-profits seeking funding.

GEM Business Consult specializes in assisting with various aspects of fundraising, including grant applications, strategy sessions, and fundraising consulting. Their team of experts helps non-profit organizations navigate the complex funding landscape, ensuring that they can secure the financial resources needed to make a lasting impact.

Moreover, GEM Business Consult has developed GEMFundsDatabase, an extensive online platform where social impact leaders can discover even more international organizations offering grants to African non-profits. By leveraging the expertise of GEM Business Consult and exploring GEMFundsDatabase, African social impact leaders can maximize their potential to create meaningful change in their communities.

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